Parish Life

Parish Life

"And they devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers." - Acts 2:42

In our mission we strive to grow in our faith by offering ourselves in the following areas of church life and fellowship with those in the community:

ALTAR SERVERS, boys who are seven years and older may serve and have the holy responsibilities of tending to the needs of the liturgical services.  

CHOIR, the choir sings at three weekly services as well as at all other services such as the Twelve Great Feasts days of the year, weddings and funeral services.  Singing hymns of the Church is a beautiful offering and something heavenly, as Saint John Chrysostom writes, "A holy hymn gives birth to piety of soul, creates a good conscience, and is accepted by God in the treasuries of Heaven." 

PHOSPHORA BAKERS provide the liturgical bread (phosphora) for all Divine Liturgies, as well as special bread for festal occasions such as Pascha and Great Feasts.  Bread is baked weekly and is made with prayer and great attention to detail.  

READERS of the Church function officially in conjunction with the Priest and the Choir at all liturgical services. There is no service which does not involve the Reader in some way, tonsured Readers are chosen from among capable men who prepared the readings (other than the Gospel), the prokeimena and alleluia verses.

COFFEE HOUR, in the days of the early church a feast called Agape would follow the Eucharistic gathering ... in our day coffee hour is this feast and cherished fellowship together after Sunday Liturgy.  All are welcome to share in the Agape meal provided by parishioners and enjoy what is "much more than coffee and usually more than an hour"!  For parish members please click here to sign-up for a coffee hour team, or, to request a current schedule. As a reminder, everyone brings a dish to share on Sundays and our coffee hour teams take care of set-up and clean-up for the day.